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Improve Your Game at River Hills

River Hills Country Club's pristine 150-yard by 300-yard Golf Training Center with professional instruction by Cochrane Golf Schools is one of the elite golf instruction facilities in South Florida.

No matter what your age or ability, there is a training program that can be designed specifically for you. Whether you choose private or group instruction, even if this is your first time picking up a club, our golf instruction program will fit your needs.

A series of golf lessons will improve your full swing and short game in all areas. The private playing lessons focus on golf course management, with emphasis on evaluating your psyche before, during and after play.

Cutting Edge Learning with Video Swing Analysis
Watching your swing on video is one of the best ways to see how you are doing and where you need to go with your golf swing. The high tech video analysis provides a frame-by-frame of your swing and charts your set-up, grip, spine angle, posture, swing plane, release point and other aspects of the golf swing.

See Improvements
If it is your first time playing golf, we will help you get off to a positive start that will provide the foundation for many years of enjoyment of the game of golf. And if you have been at it awhile and want to keep improving, our professional instruction is designed to be enjoyable, informative and adaptable to your own personal style.

For rates and lesson packages at River Hills with Cochrane Golf Schools contact:
Drew MacPherson  813-777-4780

Tampa's Home for Junior Golf
The Cochrane Golf Schools at River Hills is home to a wide variety of programs for junior golfers, including fundamentals, intermediate and tournament readiness programs along with summer camps.
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Photo of John Cochrane holding a trophy for 2017 PGA Club Professional Championship of Canada
John Cochrane founder of the Cochrane Golf School and winner of the 2017 PGA Club Professional Championship of Canada

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