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Sponsorship Pays

Most private country clubs use membership sponsorship to support to grow their base to fund and offer more programming, capital expense funding and increased activity. Successful promotional opportunities at clubs that continue to excel are rooted in a foundation of the membership culture that understands that not only retention is important; but that they can personally make a difference and influence the future culture of their private country club. These programs when embraced by a membership is at the very root of what makes a private club just that; a large group focused upon the health, well being and long term abilities to go beyond stabilization of budgets. Before you make your choice to join us, we will make every effort to get you introduced to other Members with similar interests through our Ambassadors.

What are the top benefits of Members sponsoring new Members?

  • MEMBERSHIP creates the brand they seek.
  • MEMBERSHIP builds the culture of unified growth and support.
  • MEMBER culture increases the reach of the brand and culture.
  • MEMBERS express the differentiations needed to be diverse.
  • MEMBERS consciously contribute to good will.
  • MEMBER support offers a better experience and atmosphere for all.
  • MEMBERSHIP creates lifelong friends!

The culture of our club is the product of Member values, expectations and environment. Status quo does not work for us because we care professionally and personally to make a difference and be relevant to a wide range of desires that change; which we also like!"

Margie Martin / Membership Director